The Client is Always, A Yellow Peril Collection

The Client is Always, A Yellow Peril Collection

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It's like "The Office" but with minorities and cursing.

Yellow Peril, Volume 2 collects strips that appeared from November 8, 2010 to January 23, 2012 of the Asian American office romance webcomic Yellow Peril. Passed up for promotion for refusing to conform to corporate culture, graphic designer Kane Hongo must learn to play the game in the cubicle jungle of Pedanticorp. Helping him navigate the contrived ways of the corporate drone is his two cohorts, Bodie Guy and Ally Peth.

Kane, Bodie, and Ally have long suffered at the hands of their pedantic boss, Steve. Their disgruntled commiserations have evolved into plans to strike out on their own. Will they finally be able to break free from their corporate shackles?

Signed Edition comes with author signature and personalized sketch on the inside cover.

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