Revamping and Reloading

It’s been brought to my attention that a number of video tutorials just don’t work on the site anymore. I used to use as my host, but they’ve changed their business model and gotten rid of smaller accounts like mine. So I’m going through various hard drives and backups to find some of the
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To Outline or Not To Outline

Monster cutie sprites for a silly little platformer.


Puppy Cow Sprite WIP

Puppy cow, pixel style!


Cel Shading and Mood

Another basic tutorial on how to create mood with cel shading.


Basic Cel Shading

An extremely basic cel shading tutorial.


Studio ZaPow Gets the Best Puppy Cow Retailer Award

Studio ZaPow totally wins the best Puppy Cow retailer award!

Puppy Cow

Puppy Cows Back in Stock

Just a quick note to let everyone know that a limited number Puppy Cows are back in stock for those last minute holiday presents!  If you order within the United States, they will ship out Priority mail the next day.  International orders ship out International First Class the next day so time your orders accordingly.
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Puppy Cow in the Wild

Puppy Cow in the Wild at Studio ZaPow!

Puppy Cow sighting in the wild!  So McHoffa tweeted at me: He found the Puppy Cows at Studio ZaPow in Asheville, NC who tweeted back: Oh man!  How cool!  I’ve just spent the last few minutes jumping around like a complete idiot.  So, if you’re in the Asheville area, stop on by Studio ZaPow and
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Frog Eats Monkey Wax Masters

Frog Eats Monkey Wax Masters

Frog Eats Monkey wax masters for resin toys.

Puss Puss

New Creatures Join the Family

This is Puss Puss. This particular version of her (I’ve actually figured out a gender for this one!) is going to be 1.5″ acrylic charm that you can use as a key chain, big phone charm, or gigantic earring. I’ll post photos and such when the order arrives. This is Bumble Bun. I think it’s
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