To Outline or Not To Outline

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Working on a stupid little platformer because I’ve always wanted to make games.  Not sure about the black outline.  There’s something about the straight up colors that’s pretty cute.  The jump animation goes so fast you won’t notice it, but I like the little guy freaking out a bit in the air.

  • LazyCat

    Without outline! It’s charming without. Although I guess it’ll depend on how the background will be, as it might blend too much in the background…something like that. Anyway it looks promising :)

    Thanks for showing us your work! 😀

  • kelsey

    It might be easier to see with a black outline, if you’re going to have busy backgrounds for the critters? I only say this because my eyesight is super shitty. They both look good.

  • Touhatsu

    It depends on ow your layouts are done, the outline is to distinguish him from the back ground in some cases. I say you experiment with different ones, and also you can try a colored outline, using a darker tone of the color in the inside. In any case I wish you good luck with this game. =)

  • the chicken noodle soup lord

    i cant wait to see the game, if there was a puppy cow boss fight i believe that that would be one of the most amazing things ever. ( the puppy cow also has to shoot lazers out of his mouth, cause you know, the the heck not). In all seriousness i wish you all the best of luck with the game. To do with the game i think that the outline looks a bit more cartoony but the non outline is adorable.